Artwork Submissions

We have our own in-house photographers and graphic artists who create the majority of our images but do occasionally source outside material. We will happily look at all types of imagery - landscape, floral, animals, sporting, illustrative, fantasy, occasional and even the quirky - all are welcome. You never know when or where the next big trend is going to come from.

Please note it can take up to 2 weeks to receive a response but all submissions will be responded to.  

We accept digital files from cameras with a minimum of 10 megapixels resolution. Colour film transparencies are welcome. We do not accept photographs taken on instant cameras. We have set a high standard here at Koala Of Course and our print process requires large, vibrant files to ensure crisp detail.  

We accept all illustration/painting submissions.  

Please feel free to send your images either by post or email. If sending them via the internet, please ensure that the file sizes are kept small, no more than 2mb IN TOTAL for each email, a 600 pixel jpg is more than enough for our evaluation purposes. This ensures that our email system will not be overloaded with images. Please no WMV, ZIP formats. If you send original artwork or transparencies they will be returned in the same condition that you sent them. We take your work very seriously and shall take the utmost care in handling your property.

You will be contacted and next steps advised.If an artwork/photographic submission are chosen for publication a one off nominal payment is made. The artist retains copyright ownership of the artwork/photograph but grants usage rights to Koala Of Course for exclusive printing on Greeting Cards, Gift wrap, Invites and Gift Bags. You will be given credit on the rear of the card as being the creator (example: Image by Joe Citizen) and samples supplied for your enjoyment.   For photographs we will need the original capture file untouched and straight from the camera, please do not sharpen or adjust the image, we will do this at our end to suit our printing system.

Please post your submissions to:
Koala Publishing
Att: Karen Hunt
PO BOX 5221
2261 Australia

Or email using the link below

 Artwork Submissions