• This program is not for Western Australian customers, who are either distributor or remotely serviced from within that state to save freight costs.
  • For existing Koala Distributor serviced and prospective customers: Direct Sales customers are NOT serviced by a Koala Distributor. To offset additional costs such as freight, Direct Customers receive some free product depending on order size and location. Distributor serviced customers do not pay freight and receive full service in their store.

Direct Customers: Thank you for your continuing business with us. The increasing number and size of orders we are receiving is telling us that Koala products continue to lead the market - and continue to make respectable profits for both your business and ours. Our wholesale and retail prices have not changed, but we are continually adding new images and improvements to product quality. We are also adding new products as we develop these to suit our customers requirements.

Koala cards and gift wrap are produced locally on the Central Coast NSW.

Below are the latest order forms – images included. Koala Top Seller sets allow you greater freedom to choose the images that best suit your business. The list still contains only proven best sellers and also the latest release images and will be updated every 2 months. 

Images in these sets are ordered in bundles of 10 – giving you the benefit of more rapid turnover and preventing staleness in your display. To assist your business further we will include 10 free units in addition to each 18 images ordered = $10 instant profit for you.

You can contact us directly for all orders and enquiries on 02 4336 1666 or email sales@koalapublishing.com.au  Despatch of your order normally occurs within 3 working days and delivery should be within 7 working days.

If you prefer, you can continue to choose your own images from the full list (you know what sells best!) simply and make your selection from the sections at left, then fax, email or call us with your order.

The easiest way to order? Just call and ask us to send you the Top 19 or Top 40 (you only pay for 18 or 38).

Free Freight:

Please note that orders of the full Top Seller sets (400 cards or 300 wraps) will be Freight Free. (A nominal freight & handling charge of $12 will apply to any orders less a full set).