Koala Bags

The Koala Bag
The range includes five sizes of bags - Small, Medium, Large, X-Large as well as a Wine Bag. We have designs to suit all occasions.

SIZES: (Height x Width x Depth (across the side))
Small       13.7cm   x   11.1cm  x 6.2cm    RRP $1.00
Medium    22.9cm   x   17.8cm  x 9.8cm    RRP $1.50
Large       32.4cm   x   26.0cm  x 12.7cm  RRP $2.00
X-Large    45.8cm   x   33.0cm  x 10.2cm  RRP $2.50
Wine Bag  36.0cm   x   13.0cm  x 8.5cm   RRP $1.50

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