Koala The Company

Koala has energised the greeting card industry by offering consumers what they really want…. ‘a quality card at a cheap price’. Our reputation for producing extremely high quality cards, with the most colourful, vibrant and strikingly beautiful images is matched by our exceptional commitment to customer service. We’re so confident our cards equal or exceed the quality of any other card on the market that we invite you to compare us with other brands.  

Who we are

We are very proud to be a 100% Australia owned and operated company. We are very passionate about supporting the local economy and work force wherever possible, and currently over 90% of our sales are from products made in Australia.

We have one of the largest and most diverse collections of images available. Our unique range strengthens daily through our team of talented and dynamic artists, photographers and designers who go to great lengths to satisfy consumers’ requests.  

Our Mission

Koala is a progressive, quality driven and rapidly growing greeting card and gift wrap publisher that is focussed on offering customers superior value for money cards, gift wrap and service.

Our Goal

‘To create, publish and distribute one of the most colourful and successful collections of images for the world’

What we offer you

Koala provides you with the widest range of high quality greeting cards and gift wrap designs with a stock turn that will exceed the majority of products in your store. In fact, our stock-turn to floor-space ratio is hard to beat. Whether your retail outlet is large or small, we have a spinner rack specifically designed to suit your needs. From a 96 pocket to the Elite 160 pocket rack for cards and a 36 pocket and 48 pocket stand for your gift wrap. We supply the spinner rack and point-of-sale on loan at no cost.

What you can expect from us

All our customers are a valued part of our company; therefore we promise to supply you with a quality product backed by customer service of the highest standard.

Personalised, professional service

Our highly successful merchandising program operates via distributors in all major metropolitan and regional areas. This innovative program and our focus on customer service is one of our major strengths and a real competitive advantage over other greeting card publishers. Koala distributors run their own territory and therefore it is in their best interest to do everything possible to maximise your sales and offer you a personalised, friendly and reliable service at all times.